Welcome to the Long Lake Bar on the shores of picturesque all sports Long Lake in Iosco County, Michigan.
Everytime you step into the LLB you will find:

  • Friendly bartenders who are there to see you have a great time, and to serve your drinks from mason jars!
  • Locals who are like permanent markers, and make everyone welcome!
  • Celebrities who come to the bar to have fun and wander in and out like it was old home week for them!
  • The best burger in town and food specials that everyone comes back for time and time again!
  • Beer To-Go & docks at the water so drive your boat !
  • EVERY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT: We take a break; stop serving drinks and remember to honor our Military Troops! We wave the flag and the whole staff, DJ or band and customers sing loudly, Proud To Be An American, just our way of supporting our troops! We hope you will join in with us one of these nights!
  • The LLB has hosted bachelor & bachelorette parties, showers, funeral memorial/wakes, benefit dinners, rehearsal dinners and weddings! We are a full service bar! Book your event today!!!
This log cabin bar built in the early 1900's, has been host to gangsters like the Purple Gang back in the day, to patrons who brought their race horses in for a drink to celebrate a others who have ridden their Harley Davidson inside just to celebrate a warm summer evening ride!

We have something for everyone! Most people have had members of their family coming here for generations! They bellied up to the bar with their Grandpa and had a "POP" while Grandpa had a shell and bs'd with bartender and cronies at the bar!

They grew up coming to their cottage on the area lakes and couldn't wait to be old enough to come to the LLB on Saturday night and finally get inside and have all the fun they've heard from the outside as they drove by! Listening to the live music and dreaming of when they would be old enough to go in!

Lots of history here but still room for new people to make their own memories with friends and family!

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